AGL GradeLight 2700


2700, 327060
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    • Easy Alignment - High Visibility LED Line Pivot Point is a fast reference for centering. Easily seen from outside the manhole.
    • Grade Reference Points -on both sides make it easy to set elevation.
    • Large Display is Viewable from Outside Most Manholes
    • Line Indicator shows the beam position relative to the adjustment range.
    • Status at-a-glance shows self-leveling status, battery indicator, electronic level vial showing cross axis level position,and lock status of laser and remote.
    • Unique Dual Color Grade Display Color changes to denote Positive or Negative Grade (to .001% increments) to minimize costly input errors.


SIMPLE Up Down, Left Right Operation.
Enter Grade with a Rolling Counter or Digit Select Method.
Press and hold a grade button for a few moments. After release, it will
automatically increase (or decrease) until you press the key again to stop.
Grade can also be entered by selecting the digits using the key.
Press to reset to zero grade.
Press to reset line adjust range.