Apache Bullseye 5 Laser Receiver


ATI991370-09, 327009
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Apache Bullseye 5+ Laser Receiver - ATI991370-09

The versatile Apache Bullseye 5+ Laser Receiver is ideal for both grading and excavating

Grading Features:

  • Blade tilt indication built in helps the operator keep the blade level for increased production and accuracy. Can be programmed to match an existing or known grade for slope matching operations.
  • Center On-grade provides an equal amount of grade information above and below on-grade. Use on dozers, graders, scrapers, and box blades.

Excavating Features:

  • Plumb indication built in for quick and accurate grade checking.
  • Offset On-grade provides more information above grade utilizing the entire receiver for productive excavation.

Additional Features:

  • 3 selectable accuracies for each on-grade location.
  • Up to 6 channels of grade information plus directional out of beam indicators.
  • Upgrade to the TORNADO F1 automatic blade control with the same receiver.


  • Built-in blade tilt indication
  • Plumb indication
  • Center On-grade
  • Offset On-grade
  • Three detection accuracies
  • 360° reception angle
  • Works with all red beam rotary lasers
  • 6 display channels
  • 6.75-inch capture height
  • Super bright LED indicators
  • Auto shut-off
  • 60-hour battery life