Apache Storm Hand Held Receiver Yellow


ATI994000-09, 324000
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Apache Storm Hand Held Receiver Yellow - ATI994000-09

This hand held receiver will increase your productivity with faster grade checks. The Laserometer eliminates the guess work of checking grade with instant and accurate information. You will save time, money, and materials. Digital Read Out: Not only will you be able to tell if you are high, low, or on-grade, you will be able to tell by EXACTLY HOW MUCH!


  • SuperCell Technology - Uses durable proprietary blended acrylic components rather than fragile soldered components of traditional methods.
  • Bright, Multi-Color LEDs - Provide a visual indication of grade reference. Easy to see over long distances.
  • Strobe Light Rejection Filter - Eliminates false readings from job site strobe lights.
  • Performance - Patented technology provides stable and accurate grade information over the entire jobsite.
  • Versatile - Works with all rotating lasers.
  • 5 accuracy levels - tolerances to meet your jobsite needs.
  • The Best Clamp Included: Patented reversible mounting jaws. Vise like grip on all sizes and shapes of rods, including round and oval.
  • Waterproof and Dustproof - 100% to IP67 standard - Dunk it, scrub it, hose it off - it can take it.
  • Tough - We expect it to be dropped, kicked, and splattered with concrete. It's the toughest money can buy.