Canyon Coolers Mule 30qt

400030-S, 400030-WM

Canyon Coolers
400030-S, 400030-WM
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Don't let the medium size fool you.The Mule is known for intelligence, toughness, and endurance. The vigorous, adventure ready Mule by Canyon is no exception.The mule also inherits speed, sure-footedness,and agility, from it's mother. Our Mule is also sporting some serious 6" tall all terrain hooves to get you there and back. Mule's are known for thick skin and pace setting performance. The almost 3" thick walls have 30% more insulation then other leading brands. The sleek 100% recessed design packs into your car, truck, boat or UTV without wasting your precious cargo area. The only thing stubborn about a Canyon Mule is our lifelong warranty and our world class ice retention. Strut your Mule down the dock, across the field or in the wild.The jungle cord bungee and clip lid system adjusts to virtually any shape item, pack your towels, coats, tackle boxes, camp chairs or work gear right in arms reach.