GeoMax Zone 20 Series

835251, 835252

835251, 835252
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Zone20 H - 835251 


The powerful GeoMax Zone laser rotators portfolio offers the right construction tools for all trades and applications. Regardless if you’re just starting in the industry dealing with the fundamentals or you’re a seasoned professional handling complicated applications, GeoMax laser rotators are ready to work when you do.

Choose the perfect laser for your levelling, aligning or grading application from one of the best laser rotator portfolios in the market.

Solid-built and dependable in any element, these lasers ensure long-lasting operations thanks to multiple charging options and offer interchangeable accessories.

Zone20 H is an economic and firm entry level laser rotator. With a solid-built housing and a straightforward interface, this laser offers all functions needed for regular and flexible use. Zone20 H is an automatic horizontal laser that allows grade setting manually in two axes. It is easy to use and highly reliable in any element.

Tough and simple to use

The Zone20 H complies with the IP67 class of water and dust protection due to its solid-built housing as well as the glass cage. The rubber molded handles and bumpers provide great protection and easy grip. With its unique Li-Ion battery concept, the laser has 300 per cent greater lifetime than with NiMh batteries. It is fully charged in five hours only, which keeps the laser’s downtime to a minimum. With only four buttons, as well as an informative LED-indication on the laser, the device is very simple and easy to use for everybody. Information regarding battery and tool status can be quickly obtained.

Reliable operation

The Zone20 H is the ideal product for outside applications, such as concrete as well as formwork. As contractors need to constantly check the height of the concrete to ensure optimum levelling, Zone20 H solves this by allowing reliable operation. Thanks to the possibility to enter grades manually, contractors with occasional need for simple slopes like driveways and landscaping will get the most out of the Zone20 H.



Zone20 HV - 835252

The multipurpose laser Zone20 HV laser offers the Zone20 H basic specifications plus the capability of vertical levelling and aligning. It includes a long-range remote to adjust and align easily in any jobsite. To support the toughest working conditions, the rotating head is fully enclosed and the laser complies with IP67 class.

Multipurpose laser for in- and outdoor applications

The Zone20 HV is a real multipurpose laser as it deals easily with interior as well as exterior applications. It cannot only be used for concrete and form work but also levelling, aligning, plumbing or squaring. It is the ideal partner for contractors who need the horizontal as well as the vertical functions of the device. Interior, the laser is an ideal partner for professionals for ceilings, layout and drywall applications.

Set exact 90°

Contractors need to measure and mark out the position for walls. The placement of formwork is critical to ensure 90° as well as exact lines. At least two people and time is required to conduct this task. The Zone20 HV solves this issue by having the plumb down beam function to easily set up over a point. The 90° are given automatically and precise.

Control the laser remotely

For contractors, who need to level the base to achieve a consistent slope from the street to the house, the Zone20 HV takes care of the contractor’s main job. It is very easy to set the manual grade with the remote ZRC20 remotely. Changing and adjusting the settings can be done without touching the laser.