SitePro 32-Power Professional Automatic Level Series


25-SK32X, 25-SK32K-C, 25-SK32K-T, 330420
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SitePro SK32X 32-Power Automatic Level -25-SK32X

This automatic level features magnetically dampened, automatic compensator for optimum range and accuracy.

Its compensator is designed with four suspension wires made of super-high-tensile metal that features minimal thermal expansion coefficient.

Its horizontal and vertical cross hairs with 1:100 stadia lines measures level, alignment and estimates distance.

The fine motion horizontal tangent knobs on its left and right sides allow friction braked rotation, endless horizontal drive and precise pointing and angle measurement.

It has a solid leveling metal base that features three precision leveling screws to provide stability in all weather and jobsite conditions.

The level features:

  • 360° Graduated horizontal circle in 1-degree increments for layout applications
  • 10 ' / 2 mm circular bubble vial with 90-degree mirror for quick and accurate set-up



Magnification: 32X

Leveling accuracy: Up to 1/16-in at 250-ft

Angular accuracy: 1°

Working range: Up to 400-ft

Field of view: 1° 20'

Minimum focus: <1 ft.

Compensator range: +/-15'

Comp setting: ±0.3"

Includes: Level, Lens Cover, Plumb Bob, Adjustment Tools, Carrying Case, and User Manual


SitePro SK32X 32-Power Automatic Level Package Includes: 


Auto Level 

11-813-C Grade Rod 13'ft (8ths)

01-ALC20-B Aluminum Tripod 



Auto Level  

11-813-T Grade Rod 13'ft  (10ths) 

01-ALC20-B Aluminum Tripod