Topcon RT-5SW Dual Smart Slope Laser With Remote


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Topcon RT-5SW Dual Smart Slope Laser With Remote

This RT-5SW Dual Smart Slope Laser was built from the ground up with long range, high precision dual slope applications in mind. From agricultural land leveling to large construction sites, there isn't another laser available that can deliver dual slopes this accurately or easily.

The RT-5SW Dual Slope Laser features an integrated RF remote controller (RC300W) which is capable of two way communication up to 300 meters in range. And with the RT-5SW's unique Auto-Alignment feature, set up is fast and accurate!


  • World's first 5 arc second repeatability system
  • Two-way, RF remote delivers 300 meters (1000) of 360e communication
  • 1200 meter (4000) diameter working range
  • Auto alignment has range of up to 150 meters
  • Grade matching function
  • Electronic beam masking
  • Long battery life; 30hrs on Ni-MH rechargeable, 40 hrs on Alkaline
  • Dustproof/waterproof, rugged design

For fast, accurate setup, Topcon incorporated a version of their patented SmartLine system. SmartLine lets you match the previous day's grade simply and quickly. Simply place the alignment target on your alignment point and use the remote control to select the auto-alignment function. The RT-5SW will automatically scan until it finds the target, and then it will rotate the transmitter's grade mechanism to line and be perfectly on the exact center of the alignment target. That's it! You're right where you left off the day before and ready to go to work.

The control panel for the RT-5SW is actually the RC-300W remote. Simply remove the remote from the RT-5SW after set-up and you're in complete control of the RT-5SW from up to 300 meters (1000') away. All of the information you need is at your fingertips and control!


  • RT-5SW unit Carrying Case Unit
  • BT-63Q Battery
  • DB-64C Battery Charger cradle
  • A.A. Target 2
  • RC-300W Remote Control
  • AD-9B Battery Charger
  • Holder-6
  • LS-70A Sensor
  • RT-5SW Manual
  • Battery, 9V Alkaline
  • Battery, AAA size, Alkaline
  • Card, 2 Yr Warranty
  • Decal, Caution-Laser Light
  • Card, Laser Oper Certificate
  • Cable, 20' Batt DC w/clips